About CCM

Connecticut Commercial Maintenance (CCM) began in 1985 as Colonial Hardware in Connecticut's West Hartford Center and then in 1987 evolved into Colonial Handyman, the first residential handyman company in West Hartford.  

In 1995, in response to statewide business interest in the company's high-quality services, Colonial Handyman became Connecticut Commercial Maintenance, moving from the residential to the business market, and focusing on serving Connecticut's businesses with a wide range of professional facility repair services. Customers have included national retail, restaurant, and corporate brands for a very defined portion of Connecticut's small and mid-size companies that demand local, dependable, consistent, and high-quality service providers.

CCM has intentionally kept the business small so it can be nimble and maintain its reputation of providing extremely high-quality work. CCM's strategy has been to focus most of its work in the health care, group home, restaurant and select small and medium-sized business service areas developing significant specialty knowledge and technical skills in these business areas. 

CCM also provides crisis management and large project oversight.

About Kevin Galvin,
CCM Owner

Kevin Galvin for over 35 years has built on a loyal customer base providing onsite facilities repair, fabrication shop services, and consulting services to businesses in Connecticut.

Kevin served as President of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce and worked to expand opportunities for small employers. He has been invited to Washington, D.C. three times to provide insight to Administration policies on small business financing and health care. Has served on a panel with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at the Small Business Financing Forum and was interviewed by MSNBC about the panel, and on Bloomberg Radio about financing and health care.

Kevin now serves on several local nonprofit Boards of Directors.


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P: 860-523-1028
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